About Smart Again

Our Mission:

Smart Again was founded to curate the best journalism and smartest commentary for reality-based (progressive) America.

Origin Of The Name:

SmartAgain.org is a contrarian play on GreatAgain.org, Donald Trump’s former campaign website, and is based on the Make America Smart Again slogan that became popular among progressives as a rallying cry against the MAGA movement that, unfortunately, still characterizes the modern right wing in America.

What We Stand For (And Against):

We Stand For:

  • Democracy
  • Racial, social and economic justice
  • Solidarity (i.e. a philosophy of “we’re all in this together”)
  • Science and truth
  • Responsible journalism that prioritizes factual accuracy and scientific consensus over dogmatic standards of “fair reporting.”

We Stand Against:

  • Authoritarianism
  • Bigotry, intolerance and crony capitalism
  • Unbridled self-interest (i.e. a philosophy of “you’re on your own”)
  • Anti-intellectualism and its contempt for knowledge, expertise and education (i.e. the prioritization of ideology over reality)
  • Baseless conspiracy theories used to distort truth and propagate misinformation

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